UDL web resources

A couple of new resources that have been passed along to me recently:

  • TumbleBook¬†– This is an amazing collection of accessible texts. Many favorite children’s books are available here. Most of them include text and highlight the sentence being read to help children with tracking. There are also games on this site that are related to the stories. The one I played with a student was a word game which involved a clue from which the child works to figure out a single word answer Hang-Man style. The only draw-back was that the clue is text and I had to read it to the child as I couldn’t find a way to get the clue read to the child. The student I was working with only has basic sound-letter associations and was very motivated to work to figure out which letters belonged in the word. He quite enjoyed it.
  • Gary’s UDL Resource Room¬†This site provides information about the latest in assistive technology so you can keep up to date on the currently available technologies.

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