Web Links from CTA Conference Presentation

Thanks to those of you who attended our UDL presentation today – and thanks for visiting my blog! Below are the links we spoke about in today’s presentation. If there are any others that I forgot about please post a response to this blog and I will find them for you. Remember that all of these and many others are also tagged on my Del.icio.us site: http://del.icio.us/astrang.

Motivational sayingsPlease also feel free to post questions you have about UDL. Being able to better meet the needs of our students can be overwhelming and would have been very difficult for us without the assistance and support we received and the collaboration we have participated in with other UDL teams across BC. Please know that we are eager to support other teachers who want to begin to investigate UDL and are eager to hear from you and work with you to help you begin this journey. The only way to start is by beginning small and then gradually incorporating new ideas.

Here are the links… 

Carol’s SD43 Assistive Technology Wiki (It has a comprehensive list of programs that can be used to provide support for students with various disabilities)

Sheppard Software (it had the animal adaptations web sites)

Science Probe

Cricksoft (I can’t see how to get to the virtual compass or the virtual geoboard so will find out from the others and post a better link ASAP)

Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station (the online art lessons)

Natural Reader (a free text reader which works with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Email etc.)

Virtual Manipulatives (The one with addition and subtraction using the place value chart)

If you want to know what a Wiki is or what a del.icio.us social bookmarking site is check out the Common Craft video posted on one of the Blog entries below

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