Great Video Sites

With projectors and/or SMARTBoards it is easy to bring video into your classroom. Here are a few great sources I have found. If you have found any others please post them to share with us.

You Tube (of course)  – Here is a link to my favorite video…

Another favorite:

Teacher Tube – They are amassing quite a collection of SMARTBoard instruction videos…

Teacher TV – Great educational videos, and professional development videos…

This one is about a student’s life in India:

At our Last PD day we watched a video about Assessment for Learning:

To insert Video files into SMARTBoard’s Notebook Software:

It is nice to insert videos directly into SMARTBoard so they are ready when you need them and because by doing this there are no distractions such as advertisements and links to other videos.

  1. Download a video – Many You Tube videos will allow you to do this but not all. It depends on how the poster set up the video.
  2. Within SMARTBoard go to: File –> insert Flash Video –> navigate to where you have the video stored on your hard drive (by default they usually go into your “my video” or “video” file).



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