Hot Hot Hot Pot

Chongqing is famous for it’s hot pot. Jim calls it “hot-hot-hot pot”. They place a big pot on a burner in front of you and it has two bowls. The inner bowl is the place to cook the mild food. The outer bowl is filled with a wide variety of hot peppers. There were fridge cases with dishes of food to put into the hot pot including some type of brain (wish I knew whose brain it was :-/) along with other miscellaneous organs, chicken feet, many other foods I recognize and others that I could not…
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I love spicy food, but what I experienced during my first meal in Chenging was new. After eating the first few things I noticed that my tongue was tingling in a way that I found concerning – it felt like what I imagine an anaphylactic reaction would – the food was delicious, however, and my tongue wasn’t swelling so I kept on eating.

There was also entertainment – a beautiful girl playing a guzheng (Chinese: 古箏), also known as Chinese zither (a traditional pentatonic stringed instrument).
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Jim’s personal goal was to get a smile from her … he failed.

Next a Bian Lian (meaning mask changing) dancer performed. It was fascinating at the time, but I had no idea of the significance of this dance form in the Sichuan province. The Chinese government considers the secrets of this dance to be a national secret and only a few have mastered the skill to perform it. (Mask Changing – The Most Guarded Art)
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After this we took a stroll down along the Yangsee River. The lighting along the river was quite beautiful. Along the river were fishermen with multiple lines in and there were a few brave soles floating down the river.
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