Adding Pictures!!

You can add pictures using edublogs but because the Internet here is so slow it always times out. I figured out that I can add pictures on flicker and then embed them so here is a much better copy of the picture I wanted to post from Hong Kong I used embedly to generate the html. Now I just need to figure out how to mess with photo size… All Photos-2704

Achieving Classroom Management through Student Engagement

Recently I passed along an article to my school community about how best to intervene when individual students behave inappropriately. I liked the article because of the analogy made between responding on the fly to behavioural problems and emergency room doctors and nurses responding to emergency situations – during a crisis we are only working to stabilize the situation, we are not working on long-term solutions. During a crisis situation we are only working to ‘stop things from getting worse’. To view this article go here: Classroom Management: The Intervention Two-Step Then came the more important question: “What to do … Continue reading Achieving Classroom Management through Student Engagement

Rethinking WHY I Blog

A few weeks ago many of Coquitlam’s Principals and Vice-Principals attended our annual conference. This year’s topic was the power of educational leaders using social media. I was inspired by the thought provoking message George Couros sent about carefully considering the WHY behind educational leaders using social media. While I have been blogging at this address since 2007, I have been quiet since I became a vice-principal. I told myself that I wasn’t posting because I was in a different phase in my new role – a learning phase – I would save posting for when I had learned enough to feel confident … Continue reading Rethinking WHY I Blog

Learning through Games

Games can be a very effective and very engaging method for learning for a wide range of learners but as teachers it is our job to choose wisely. The learning should not be contrived. I was asked recently to evaluate a math game to determine if it would be good for use in our classrooms. I believe the object of the game was to explore a fantasy village (though I was never quite sure what the object actually was…). Occasionally I came upon a road block and had to complete a math challenge in order to continue exploring the village. The math … Continue reading Learning through Games

Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds

This is a must watch video for all educators. It is ridiculous that our education system tends to want all kids to conform, that we tend to be focused on everyone doing things the same way, that we focus on the individual, that we don’t value “all kinds of minds”. Temple Grandin highlights the value of all kinds of minds to our society. As a society we desperately need schools and teachers that understand this. We know as adults that if we are able to work effectively within a cooperative group we can achieve more than what we would if … Continue reading Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds

UDL-Sunshine Coast-February 19, 2010

Here is an updated version with some added links for this presentation. All of the links are live so you can view the resources referred to. Sunshine Coast – UDL Keynote View more presentations from astrang. I really enjoyed my time on the Sunshine Coast. What a beautiful place – wishing I had stayed longer… perhaps forever… Hoping to hear more from Sweet Cascadia soon!!  Please add a comment, question, story … below and join the conversation. It is all about collaboration!!

UDL Planning For Inclusion & Differentiation

The break-out session following my Keynote address for the UDL Conference on the Sunshine Coast on February 19th went a completely different direction than I planned based on the interests of the participants. I am loading up the slides I had planned to go through because I think they are still useful and really did not require a presentation to follow their intent. Sunshine Coast – Planning for Inclusion & Differentiation View more presentations from astrang.

Horizons 2009 ~ CUE BC Presentation ~ What is UDL?

We had five “learning intentions” for participants in this presentation. To gain an understanding of UDL To understand why it is important that we understand and embrace UDL in our classrooms now as we are eager to meet the needs of increasingly diverse student populations, and as we need to make decisions about the types of technology we purchase and the pedagogy that drives it’s use. That UDL is not about the technology. That UDL is a subtle shift in paradigm that is having a profound impact on learners That creating Universally Designed schools and classrooms is a journey into … Continue reading Horizons 2009 ~ CUE BC Presentation ~ What is UDL?

Back to school advertisements…

Back to school advertisements make me crazy!!! The Staples’ – “Its the most wonderful time of the year” advertisement is running continuously. The picture of those two children dreading school makes me sad. (Wow – the commercial is on again – second time since I started writing this post/rant). I so want school not to be something they dread –  a bitter pill – nobody wants to take it but it is good for you so you must. The father skipping through the store so gleeful about sending the kids off – what are we saying to our kids??? (There … Continue reading Back to school advertisements…

Ableism: My thoughts 1 year later…

Last January I blogged about my reflections following reading: New Directions in Education: Eliminating Ableism in Policy and Practice by Thomas Hehir. The following thoughts stuck with me and guided my practice over the past year. Hehir defines ableism as ” deeply held negative attitudes toward disability that are analogous to racism”. Then I looked up “racism” according to Merriam-Webster racism is: