Learning through Games

Games can be a very effective and very engaging┬ámethod for learning for a wide range of learners┬ábut as teachers it is our job to choose wisely. The learning should not be contrived. I was asked recently to evaluate a math game to determine if it would be good for use in our classrooms. I believe the object of the game was to explore a fantasy village (though I was never quite sure what the object actually was…). Occasionally I came upon a road block and had to complete a math challenge in order to continue exploring the village. The math … Continue reading Learning through Games

Sunshine Coast UDL Presentation

Here are the slides from my UDL Presentation on the Sunshine Coast. The links within the presentation are live – enjoy exploring! UDL Sunshine Coast Presentation View more presentations from astrang. To download the slides as a PDF file go to: http://drop.io/astrang If you have any comments or questions, please add a them as a comment to this post.