Sunshine Coast UDL Presentation

Here are the slides from my UDL Presentation on the Sunshine Coast. The links within the presentation are live – enjoy exploring! UDL Sunshine Coast Presentation View more presentations from astrang. To download the slides as a PDF file go to: If you have any comments or questions, please add a them as a comment to this post.

UDL Weblinks from the Birchland Team Presentation ~LATA

What a great day! David Rose was inspiring, really reminded us why we have worked so hard this year – and renewed our energy. We also had a great time sharing our Journey so far with those who came to watch our presentation. I want to blog so many things I learned today… the only problem is time – I must write my IEPs this weekend… As promised, here are the weblinks that were shown in our presentation today – I hope I got them all. If I have missed anything either post a comment, or send me an email – there is … Continue reading UDL Weblinks from the Birchland Team Presentation ~LATA


Kerpoof  Check out this fantastic free site where kids can write stories, draw a picture, or make a movie. Kids can collaborate with others on their projects, and provide each other with feedback. It will be so fun to play with the drawing function on the SmartBoard as the kids illustrate their own stories. It is a great way to introduce the read-write web to students.  If you are concerned about using a social site with your children or students please check out my thoughts (and hopefully the comments of others … someday) about why we need to provide children with … Continue reading Kerpoof


ZoomIt is a program that provides users with three tools. It runs in the background and is quickly activated by hotkeys. It allows you to quickly zoom in on any are of your screen within any program, to mark the screen using your mouse or touch pad (especially useful during presentations using any program), and to turn your computer screen into a countdown timer. Read more and download this freeware at:

Web Links from CTA Conference Presentation

Thanks to those of you who attended our UDL presentation today – and thanks for visiting my blog! Below are the links we spoke about in today’s presentation. If there are any others that I forgot about please post a response to this blog and I will find them for you. Remember that all of these and many others are also tagged on my site: Please also feel free to post questions you have about UDL. Being able to better meet the needs of our students can be overwhelming and would have been very difficult for us without … Continue reading Web Links from CTA Conference Presentation

UDL web resources

A couple of new resources that have been passed along to me recently: TumbleBook – This is an amazing collection of accessible texts. Many favorite children’s books are available here. Most of them include text and highlight the sentence being read to help children with tracking. There are also games on this site that are related to the stories. The one I played with a student was a word game which involved a clue from which the child works to figure out a single word answer Hang-Man style. The only draw-back was that the clue is text and I had to … Continue reading UDL web resources

Great instructional materials online

One of the teachers in our UDL project emailed me the following links today. While the project focus is Language Arts, it is impossible to ignore the UDL possibilities in all subject areas!! Check these sites out… Magnetic Number Board Gamequarium Virtual Manipulatives Interactive Internet Resources