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Connectedness is my new blog and it provides me with a space as part of my effort as a school leader to explain to the community the thinking behind what we do and how we design our learning environments. It is a place where minds can meet in order to work through misconceptions and where I encourage my community to participate so that we all gain a deeper understanding of how we can best support our kids as they grow and learn.

Anita’s Tips, Tricks & Weblinks

Anita’s Tips, Tricks & Weblinks is a space I created when I worked as a Staff Development Learning Support Teacher so that I could provide instructions for the use of various technology tools. It is like a technology FAQ. I will continue to post here occasionally when questions are asked.

Thinking UDL

I have renamed my former blog “Thinking UDL” – it is now “Playing with Ideas” as I wanted to widen my focus. I will continue to post about UDL when I feel inspired to… All my Thinking UDL posts are still contained within this blog and can be found by looking through my category lists or by clicking here: Thinking UDL Posts.

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